Qualifying, that’s all that matters

Tue 16th Jan 2018 - 2:40pm

Since Galaxy Battles II has had it’s Major status removed, the Dota Pro Circuit is having a little time off from LAN competitions in the beginning of 2018. The next main competition will take place between the 23rd and 28th of January in Genting, meaning that until then we will have to enjoy following the regional qualifiers. During this last week, three tournaments were holding their qualifiers and other international competitions were being played. Here is a summary of all the most important news you might have missed regarding the Dota Pro Circuit, and what you don’t want to miss this week, handed over to you on a silver platter.


Qualifiers summary


This week the last spots to claim for the Shanghai minor have been determined for three regions: NA, SEA and China. Complexity will join the tournament  which will be  the second time this year they participate in a Valve event. Mineski qualified by eliminating TNC and proved that they are one of the best performing teams so far in 2018. In China, LGD eliminated VG which was one of the favorite teams to claim the title in this Chinese minor tournament. Along these three teams, here are all the other qualified and invited teams: Liquid, Newbee, Kinguin, Empire, Infamous. This tournament seems like the perfect opportunity for Liquid, Newbee and Mineski to catch up with Secret and VP in the race for TI8. These three teams are respectively third, fourth and fifth inthe general team standings. We can rest assured that at least one of these teams will play the Grand Finals and that the battle will be very intense.


The next Major will take place in a bit more than a month from now, yet the 16 teams to compete have been determined this week. All the top tier teams were invited to join, therefore the qualifiers were pretty open and provided us some surprises. In the NA qualifiers, Complexity celebrated their second win on the same day and had the best performance of the week by stomping all their opponents in both qualifiers. Same story for LGD, the team struggled during the beginning of the season but seems to be having a good start in 2018. The biggest surprise came from Effect, who qualified in the CIS region by eliminating major teams like Team Spirit and Vega Squadron. Effect will participate in their first Major as well as the biggest LAN event they have ever been on. In the SEA region, Fnatic fought its way through and reached first place after a hard and well deserved qualifier round. In South America, Infamous qualified without too many  problems and are now hoping to score their first points in the general standings.

Here is a list of all the other teams qualified: Virtus.Pro, Secret, Liquid, EG, Newbee, Mineski, VG, NaVi.

After the Katowice Major, the Dota Pro Circuit will remain in Europe and head to Romania for its second consecutive Major competition. All teams have qualified already: 10 teams have been invited and six others competed in regional qualifiers. Just like in Katowice, the Bucharest Major will feature 16 teams and will offer us a full week of non stop competition.  OG won all their games 2-0 and qualified as the representative for the EU, while Vega Squadron got its revenge over Effect and qualified for the CIS region. VGJ.Thunder qualified for China and prevented LGD from qualifying for a third tournament in one week by coming back all the way from the lower bracket. Pain Gaming qualified for SA, whereas Optic Gaming qualified in NA and TNC got the best of Execration to qualify in the SEA region. Vega Squadron stands out as a surprise and will participate in a Valve tournament for the first time this season. For Pain Gaming, Optic Gaming, VGJ.Thunder and TNC it will be the second time reaching the offline stage of a competition.  

Here is a list of all the other teams qualified: Liquid, EG, NaVi, Secret, Mineski, LFY, VG, Virtus.Pro, Newbee and Complexity.



Even though this is not a Dota Pro Circuit tournament, it used to be and will feature some of the best teams in the Dota2 pro scene (OG, EG, TNC, and more). Since there will be no other tournament happening this week, these will be the best Dota2 games we’ll be able to enjoy watching during the weekend.

The tournament will kick off on Thursday at 16:00 CET with 4 games being played at the same time.

The Grand Finals will be played at 21:00 on Saturday (due to the time difference, there it will be played Sunday at 4pm PHT).  


The next official tournament will take place next week in Malaysia and will feature a total of 16 teams for the first time this season. This is the same amount as we used to see in previous year’s Majors and at The International. The competition promises to be very exciting, but it will only start next week and therefore we’ll keep the hype for next week’s article.

Here is the list of all the teams participating: Virtus.Pro, Newbee, Liquid, Mineski, VG, Fnatic, Planet Dog, Penta Sports, NaVi, Secret, EG, SG esports, Complexity, LFY, VGJ.Thunder and TNC.

Since there are so many teams competing in this major, the tournament format is quite original and hard to explain. If you follow this link it will lead you to the official website which explains the format extremely well.


Trending news

  • Universe joins Fnatic instead of Ohaiyo. After surprisingly being dropped from EG, Universe joined Fnatic at the end of the roster locks for 2018. Ohaiyo, just like Universe was part of the team for more than two years, and did not join another team for the moment.
  • Previous team Clutch Gamers comes back as Team Admiral, featuring the same roster but with star player DeMoN as their captain. The team joins the already highly competitive SEA region.