The Bucharest Major

Tue 20th Mar 2018 - 1:44pm

Two majors in a row, one winner. What did these last two weeks was huge, and they are now the first team to secure a spot in The International 8. The Bucharest Major was a week long and tried an original competition format that made the games very interesting and surprising. Just like in Katowice VP did not necessarily dominate the group stages, but once in the playoffs there was clearly no one that could match the russian beast. This article summarizes the last Major and keeps you updated with all the freshest news in the Dota Pro Circuit. As always, handed over to you on a silver platter.

 The PGL Bucharest Major

  • The group stage

Just like in Katowice, there were 16 teams competing in this tournament to win a prize pool of one million dollars and 1000 DPC points. The format of this major was totally different though, it is called the Swiss system and consisted of five phases. First, all the teams were randomly assigned an opponent in a Bo1 game. According to the results, the teams would be divided into two groups: the winners and the losers. In the second phase, the winners would play a Bo1 against another winner, and the same went for the losers. This system kept on going in to the fourth and fifth stage until eight teams won a total of three three games. Therefore, two teams directly qualified after winning three games without losing (VGJ.Thunder and EG), and two others were eliminated after losing three without winning (Vega Squadron and LFY).

Due to the fact that all these games were Bo1, most of them had a high intensity, pace and many turnarounds. The first game and VP’s only loss  this tournament was against Optic Gaming. After their outstanding performance in Katowice, VG did not performa week later. Pain Gaming dominated them in a flawless game and got their first win in a Major tournament, which is only the second time ever that a South American team beats a Chinese squad. All the top tier teams qualified for the playoffs without too many problems. Liquid was the only team that had to battle hard by losing against EG, and more surprisingly against Complexity. Here is the full ranking after the group stage:


  • The playoffs

The last stage of the tournament did not provide much suspense in all honesty. The best teams won their games and really proved that they were the best team this season. However, something very rare happened for this level of Dota: EG won their second game against Liquid with a clean 27-0. It did not disturb Liquid too much though. as they won the last game by using an original lineup. VGJ.Thunder made the loudest noise by eliminating Newbee 2-0 in the semifinals, reaching the Grand Finals of a Major tournament for their first time ever. Just like in Katowice, the final of this competition was a one sided match in favor of Virtus.Pro. VP won all of their games in about 30 minutes without feeling threatened; this team is impressive by their consistency and their overall game domination. Even though the patches are regularly changing, the russian squad seems to have the right hero pool to win game after game. has been gaining a lot of momentum since the beginning of 2018 and in all fairness it is a team that is nice to watch. TI8 is still far away and no predictions can be made, but they will definitely enter the tournament as favorites when looking at their performances so far this year.


Upcoming games

  • The GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor

The next Dota Pro Circuit tournament is already on its way, this minor will take place in Jakarta between the 15th and 18th of March 2018. For once, no teams in the top five  of the general team standings will participate, giving the opportunity for lower ranked teams to get precious points in the race for TI8. One important fact to keep in mind is the return of Digital Chaos to the main stage. The team formerly called Animal Planet was taken over by Digital Chaos and will now compete under this new banner. Here is a list of all the participants:

EG, Infamous, DC, The Final Tribe, VGJ.Thunder, Fnatic, NaVi and Rex Regum Qeon.

Here is a list of the games to follow:

9:15am WIB = 03:15 CET

  • Group stage day 1: Thursday 15th March from 9:15am WIB

EG vs Infamous / NaVi vs RRQ / Fnatic vs DC / VGJ.T vs TFT

  • Group stage day 2: Friday 16th March from 9:15am WIB


  • Playoff round 1 and quarterfinals: Saturday 17 March from 10:15am WIB
  • Semifinals and Grand Finals: Sunday 18th March from 10:15am WIB