Qualifying week, the minors are coming

Mon 20th Nov 2017 - 5:08pm Dota Pro Circuit

Last week was all about qualifying for the next series of Majors/Minors, and we have seen some smaller teams outclass bigger teams and qualify for the important tournaments. While smaller teams started battling in the Perfect World Masters Minor, other prominent teams enjoy their time in the extravagant Midas Mode tournament. What happened in pro Dota last week, the most important facts to remember, what is there to look forward to this week and the latest trends in pro Dota, all of this handed over on a silver platter.


Qualifiers Summary:

The next major Dota2 event is on its way and we now know all the teams participating in the competition: Liquid, Virtus.Pro, Na’Vi, Secret, Infamous, Newbee, EG and Fnatic. It is immediately noticeable that half of the teams are Europeans, an interesting choice from the organizers knowing that they did not grant any direct invites. During the qualifiers, Empire and especially OG were close to getting their own ticket but ended up finishing just behind Virtus.Pro at the end of their round robin. Fnatic is the other team this week to win its spot for the next major by convincingly beating TNC. They’ve been performing well over the course of these last weeks, and will be considered as favorites entering the tournament.

All qualified teams for the second Chinese minor of the season are known, only the two direct invites are still to be determined. This week, TNC and VGJ.Thunder joined Na’Vi, LFY, OG and Infamous in the competition. Both teams were underdogs in their regional qualifiers and brilliantly won their game to secure a spot. VGJ.Thunder’s performance is definitely one of the best this week: they won both their games 2-1 versus Optic Gaming and Digital Choas to claim their qualification. The newly built team will participate in its first important LAN event and this will be a premier for most of its players as well. This is a team to keep an eyeon at Macau!

 All 9 teams joining the competition in Los Angeles are publicly known: OG, EG, Optic Gaming, Complexity, Sacred, Kinguin, Virtus.Pro, LGD and Fanatic. This week, LGD and Complexity were the two last ones to qualify in their own regional qualifiers. LGD brought the biggest surprise by beating Newbee in the semifinals and later winning 2-0 over VG, even though LGD is still struggling to provide consistently positive results. Complexity got the best out of its qualifier by first dominating Digital Chaos 2-0 and then going 3-1 against Immortals in the grand finals. 

This is the last tournament for which all qualifying games have been played and all teams participating determined: EG, OG, Secret, Empire, Complexity, Midas Club Elite, VG and Mineski. Newbee lost its second qualifying grand finals 3-2 this week against VG in an incredibly intense battle, while OG secured its second spot in a Minor tournament. This comes as a big relief for the quadruple Major winners of 2016 as they have struggled since the beginning of this 2017 season.  Captains Draft will be the first Minor tournament of 2018 after the Christmas break, with the presence of first tier teams and lower ranked teams, every point won will be very precious for the race to TI8.


Current tournaments:

The fourth minor tournament of the season started two days ago and all the games of the group stage have already been played. We went on a Dota2 marathon during these last two days as 20 matches (so 40 games) have been cast live on two different Twitch channels. Needless to say, quite a lot happened, but here is what you should really remember.

The biggest surprise of the group stage is the success of the Polish team Kinguin. They did not lose a single one of their matches and won 2-0 over Secret to take the lead of the group and place themselves ideally for the playoffs. VG, Secret and LFY confirm that they are in good shape and confidently move on to the next round. The playoffs start in two days (22/11) and there will be three games every day until Sunday (26/11).


  • Midas Mode

This is not an official tournament and does not count for anything in the race for TI8 (the prize pool is 60 000$). If you would like to watch high profile teams compete in a fun and somehow absurd tournament, this is where you should go. The biggest names in Dota2 are the likes of EG, OG, Newbee, Immortals, Mid or Feed, NaVi and others. The idea of the competition is to allocate a certain amount of digital currency (Moonbucks) that will be spent on picking certain heroes, betting on the outcome of the game and other added features. Overpowered and popular heroes being the most expensive, it forces teams to choose unusual drafts and strategies. This makes watching Dota2 a little bit more fun in comparison to all of the other dead serious streams that you can watch all year long.


Upcoming events:

  • Perfect World Master Minor playoffs: 22/11/17 at 05:00 CET
  • Perfect World Master Minor Grand Finals: 26/11/17 at 16:00 CST
  • Galaxy Battles II Major – qualifiers

All invites have already been sent out, now the qualifiers are just starting. Each region has 10 teams competing for one spot. Newbee, Infamous, OG, TNC, LFY, Liquid and EG have been directly invited.

  • NA: 24 to 28 November 2017
  • SA: 20 to 30 November 2017
  • Europe: 24 to 30 November 2017
  • CIS: 20 to 28 November 2017
  • SEA: 20 to 28 November 2017
  • China: TBD
  • Wildcards:TBD


  • China Top 2017: DC vs IG 21/11 17:00 CST and Grand Finals are on 23/11 at 14:00 CST