When a Minor ends a Major starts

Tue 28th Nov 2017 - 5:25pm Dota Pro Circuit

A lot happened this week in the Dota pro scene, many games were played in different tournaments. Between the Shanghai minors, Midas Mode, China Top 2017 and The Majors qualifiers, there was a lot to follow. Here is a condensed summary of what happened, handed over to you on a silver platter.


Latest results

  • Perfect World Masters

The fourth Minor of this season ended a couple of days ago and revealed Newbee to be the new title holder. Newbee cashed in $150,000 and won 150 points in the race for TI8, while the runner-up Vici Gaming went back home with $90,000 and 90 points. Newbee did not play convincingly during the group stage but came back strongly during the playoffs to finally beat VG 3-0 in the grand finals. On the opposite side, Team Kinguin was the biggest revelation of the tournament after their outstanding performance during the group stage. Unfortunately they crossed paths with Newbee and Complexity in the playoffs and got eliminated in the LB semifinals. Overall, the competition was very intense and as usual the teams did not disappoint with their performances. With this win, Newbee takes over the 4th place to Mineski in the general team standings of the Dota Pro Circuit. Even though VG lost two minor finals, they remain in 6th place. Complexity jumps from the 10th to the 8th place due to their solid performances during the last few weeks.

  • China Top 2017

During this exclusive Chinese tournament, DC, IG, TNC and VGJ.Thunder were competing for a $150,000 reward. Even though VGJ.Thunder is a very young team, they were expected to be favorite for the title, and they did not disappoint. After losing 2-1 to TNC in the winner’s finals, they overcame IG 2-0 and deserved to get revenge on TNC in the grand finals. Unfortunately for VGJ.Thunder, the same thing happened and TNC successfully won 2-1 in the grand finals. Both teams however are still seeking to win their first points in the race for TI8.

  • Midas Mode

After a long week of constant troll games, Midas Mode came to an end and crowned two teams as finalists: Optic Gaming in the American bracket and Team Liquid in the European one. Liquid blasted their opponents by losing only one game throughout the tournament (against Na’Vi during the grand finals). On the American side, the competition was way more intense as EG got eliminated 2-0 in the semifinals by VGJ.Storm. The grand finals was highly disputed and pleasant to watch as it ended in a 3-2 victory of Optic Gaming. To conclude, it was nice to watch a different style of tournament and a new concept on the Dota2 pro scene. Aside from the numerous moments dedicated to the tournament sponsors, and the anti-therapist voice of Sir ActionSlacks, it was a nice event and we can admire the originality involved in the event’s conception.

Qualifiers Summary

  • Galaxy Battles Qualifiers

While we are waiting for the next Major to start, the uninvited teams for the Galaxy Battles Major are battling in regional qualifiers. Only Mineski already has its ticket for the main event, which they got by dominating Fanatic 2-0 in the finals. Fanatic is still trying to score their first points in the Dota Pro Circuit. Geek Fam had an impressive run until the semifinals where they lost fighting hard untill the last minute 2-1 against Mineski. Today, the North American qualifiers are being played and will decide who of Optic Gaming, Immortals, Complexity or VGJ.Storm will go to the third Major of the season.

South America will compete on Thursday to define who will be the one resenting the region at the next majors. The European qualifiers will come to an end tomorrow at 14:00 CET. Team Secret and Kinguin are the two favorites in the competition, but there is only one spot for all of the last four teams in the qualifiers. The Chinese and the Wildcards qualifiers are still to be played, but those game dates are not yet determined.


Upcoming tournaments

  • DreamHack Majors

The next tournament in the DPC is a Major that will take place in Jonkoping (Sweden) between the 1st and 3rd of December. Eight teams will compete for a million dollar prize pool and 1500 points to win (750 points for the winner): Secret, NaVi, Liquid, VP, Newbee, Fanatic, EG and Infamous.

After the last couple of weeks, Newbee seems to be the team best in shape to win the competition. Virtus.Pro has a golden opportunity to create a massive gap in the ream rankings, but Liquid and Secret will fight hard to catch up with the current leader. Can Fanatic finally score their first points? Can EG make a strong comeback after a period of silence on the pro scene? Will Infamous surprise everyone? Follow the competition live on Twitch, starting Friday 01/12 at 10:30 CET with VP vs NaVi.


Here is a reminder of the current team standings in the Dota Pro Circuit: