December's rush

Tue 5th Dec 2017 - 12:38pm Dota Pro Circuit

We’ve just witnessed the end of the second Major of the season, and a clear distinction between the pro teams is getting more and more obvious. With the new points system to qualify for TI, there will be no surprise regarding the presence of certain teams. We can already tell who will dominate the season, and the battle in the middle of the pack will be rough, very rough. Here is a summary of the latest news in the Dota Pro Circuit, all handed over to you on a silver platter.


For this eighth edition of Dream League, eight teams were competing to claim the second Major of the season. It was a meeting between the best teams around the world that offered spectacular battles and many turnaround games. While Infamous and Fnatic failed their opening matches, EG had an impressive run - beating everyone until the LB finals. They consecutively won 2-0 against VP and NaVi, eliminating all CIS teams but losing 2-0 to Team Liquid. Liquid was a favorite to win the title, but they crossed the way of Team Secret twice and got defeated both times in the UB finals 2-1 and during the Grand Finals 3-0. Secret now leads the race for TI8 and has proven that they will be scary opponents for the rest of the season.

As far as the hero meta is concerned, this Major has been impacted the most by Bane, Medusa, Omniknight, Razor, and Winter Wyvern who was the most picked/banned throughout the tournament. Bane and WW have been very strong supports since the start of the season, while Omniknight is making a huge comeback as a solid offlaner. Razor is also making a comeback in the pro scene by being a natural counter to the very popular Medusa and Morphling.


Even though this competition does not count in the Dota Pro Circuit (it does not give any qualification points for TI8), it is one of the rare opportunities to see lower tier teams perform at the highest level. TNC won the tournament and its 150,000$ prize pool, defeating VGJ.Thunder in the Grand Finals 2-1 after losing against them 2-0 in the UB finals. IG and DC did not make it through and got kicked out of the tournament after two disappointing performances. None of these teams scored a single point in the Dota Pro Circuit and have yet to prove themselves in a Minor/Major tournament.


Qualifiers summary

  • Galaxy Battles II
  • Nearly all the teams that will participate in the next Major are now determined, only the Chinese and Wild card teams still have to compete for the last spots. We will have to wait one more week for this, the games are being scheduled for 18/12/2017.

    Team Secret will be the EU representative while Team Spirit won its CIS qualifiers by knocking out NaVi on their way but don’t worry Liquid, Vp, OG and EG will also be there as they were directly invited. In the American qualifiers, Optic Gaming will make its first appearance in a Major tournament as well as Pain Gaming who qualified in the SA bracket. There will be 16 teams competing for this tournament which means that the competition will be more intense, and smaller teams will get the chance to snatch precious points in the race to TI8. Galaxy Battles II will take place between the 15th and 18th January 2018.

Upcoming tournaments

The fifth Minor tournament of the season will be played between the 8th and 10th of December, featuring nine teams it will be a Dota marathon during the three days of competition. Indeed, there are no less than 18 games scheduled per day, the semis and finals being played on the last day. All the teams will first play a single round robin (they all play against each others once and the top four teams go to the playoffs). Below you can find all the teams participating in MDL Macau:

Since the tournament is held in Macau, the games will be broadcast during the evening and throughout the night in Europe. You can watch the games starting from Friday 08/12/2017  from 17:00 until 05:00 on Twitch. It will be the same on Saturday and the exact time for the finals on Sunday are not yet scheduled. Here are a few games you might want to watch:

EHome vs OG : 18:15 CET on Friday

LFY vs NaVi : 0:30 CET on Friday late night

VGJ.Storm vs VP: 18:15 CET on Saturday

TNC vs VP: 23:30 CET on Saturday


Happening at the same time as the Minor, the Rog Master 2017 will feature 6 lower tier teams: Optic Gaming, WG, Execration, Team Empire, PENTA Sports and Team MAX. There is a 235,000$ prize pool for this tournament, and the teams will first be divided into two groups and later move forward to the playoffs according to their group ranking. The competition will occur in Kuala Lumpur from the 7th until the 10th of December.