Comeback is real

Mon 11th Dec 2017 - 10:33am Dota Pro Circuit

After a long series of qualifying rounds, it was time to shine for most of the teams on the Dota Pro Circuit. Two tournaments happened this week: the MDL Macau Minor and the Rog Masters 2017. A lot of games were played this last weekend, which gave us another amazing Dota marathon to follow while it was freezing cold outside. OG finally got its first tournament win of the season, whereas TNC, Optic Gaming and Empire shone this weekend. Here is a summary of all the goings on and what’s to come for next week, as always, handed over to you on a silver platter.


Recent tournaments


The fifth minor of the season saw OG claiming its first title this season, 8 months after their last win during the Kiev Majors. TNC was undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the tournament by defeating VP 2-0 in the semifinals without too manydifficulties. Qualified in fourth position after the group stage, they reached the grand finals where they faced OG. Both teams were looking to score precious points and get their first trophy of the season in the Dota Pro Circuit. Moreover, both teams actually have the same amount of points, meaning that the winner will take the lead over the other in the general rankings. This minor was very important for all the teams in the mid table in order to slowly bridge the gap with the leaders. TNC made a big jump in the rankings by scoring 270 points this tournament, now claiming 10th position. OG surely comes out as this weekend’s biggest winner and will be looking to keep their momentum going during the upcoming Summit 8 Minor.


The two favorite teams for this tournament were Optic Gaming and Team Empire, and they both delivered on this assumption. They won all their games 2-0 until meeting in the Grand Finals during an epic Bo5 matchup. Empire finally won the tournament by defeating Optic Gaming 3-2 in an absolutely amazing series with a lot of tunrarounds. It was very nice to see these teams performing at the highest level and offering very entertaining games to the audience. The two teams did not score a single point yet in the DPC, but Optic Gaming seems to be well prepared for their first attendance on a Minor tournament at the Summit 8.


  • Qualifiers:

Nothing new happened, the Chinese teams and the Wild cards are still to be determined. The qualification games will be played by the end of this week.

Upcoming tournaments:


Starting on December 13th until the 17th, this minor will have nine teams competing for 300,000$ and 300 points in the DPC. Without the participation of many teams in the upper part of the general rankings, this competition will once again offer the opportunity for lower ranked teams to catch up with the rest. The main absentees are Secret, Liquid, Newbee, Mineski and VG (all in the top seven teams). Here are all the teams joining the Summit 8 Minor: EG, Virtus.Pro, OG, Optic Gaming, Complexity, LGD, Fanatic, Sacred and Team Kinguin. EG and VP are the favorites to win this tournament, but OG and Optic Gaming will be the two main opposing teams as they both have been performing really well during the last couple of weeks. Here is an overview of the competition format:


The Summit 8 Minor will take place at the Summit House where all teams will be staying and competing. Be ready for a more relaxed style of production, far away from massive esports stages and fancy panel commentators. Beyond the Summit has been developing this style of production and it will be interesting to see what they will try out for this coming edition.   

Even though the tournament will happen in more than a month, the next qualifiers to be played, will be for this competition. So far, only the direct invites have been revealed, which are: Virtus.Pro, Liquid, Newbee, Mineski, EG, Fnatic, Secret and VG have been directly invited to Malaysia. Most of these teams are currently at the top of the Dota Pro Circuit rankings and will ensure a great show during the tournament. The qualifiers for ESL One Genting will start on Monday 19th December for all the different regions except for China.