Dota Pro Circuit - in a nutshell

Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 6:33pm Gaming

This year more than ever, Dota offers a huge range of competitions and pro games are being played literally all the time. This year is probably going to be the most exciting season ever.  There have never been as many tournaments with such high prize pools, and there have never been as many people watching and following the pro scene. This just might be the best time to start following the Dota2 pro circuit and get into the excitement of esports! Whether you follow the pro scene or not, you maybe did not have the time to take a look at the latest results of your favorite Dota teams. Don’t worry, here you have the freshest news, handed over on a silver platter.


Dota2 Professional League playoffs

  • Competition

This week the playoffs of the DPL took place, a two month long competition in which 9 teams fight to be in the top 6 and reach the playoffs. This year, the teams were battling for a 145,000$ prize pool and the winner got a direct invite to the MDL Manau Minor (08-12 Dec 2017). LFY and Newbee were the teams that stood out the most during playoffs. They met first during the UB finals which was won 2-1 by LFY, and later fought it out during the grand finals in an epic Bo5. LFY won this match as well, even though Newbee came back after being down 2-0 to finally lose 3-2. LFY takes back home first place with a reward of 50,000$ and is granted a spot in the upcoming MDL Macau Minor.

  • Heroes:

Throughout the entire competition, the most picked heroes were Juggernaut, Rubick, Earth Spirit, Lifestealer, and Slardar. On the other hand, the favorite bans included Nyx, OD, Batrider and Slardar. The heroes with the biggest fighting impact on the game (highest KDA) were Spectre, Gyrocopter, Weaver, Clinkz and Lifestealer.


Summit 8 Qualifiers

  • Competition

Three teams qualified this week for the Summit Minor in Los Angeles (13 to 17 Dec 2017). Sacred secured its spot in the South American qualifiers, while Team Kinguin got its ticket through the European qualifier. The biggest games happened between Fanatic and Mineski, Fanatic claiming the top spot after a thrilling 3-2 series in the SEA competition. Fanatic was down 2-0 and bravely fought back with very aggressive line ups and many clutch plays.


Other results:

  • EG confirms its ticket to the Dreamhack Major by winning over Complexity in the NA qualifiers.
  • NaVi wins 2-1 over Empire in the CIS qualifiers, and Infamous wins 2-1 over SG esports in SA qualifiers to secure a spot for MDL Macau Minors. OG joins the two previous teams in the minor by winning over Penta 2-0.


Tops of the week:

During the group stage of DPL, neither LFY, VG.Thunder and Newbee lost a single of their Bo2, those were also the teams that shone during the playoffs. LFY comes out on top of this tournament, finishing first after the group stage and winning the grand finals in a very tense matchup against Newbee. This week VP, Secret, Newbee and Mineski have been successful and imposed their domination. These are the current teams that are rocking on the esports scene.


Upcoming events:

  • Qualifiers for Dreamhack Majors: Europe 14/11 to 16/11 -  SEA 17/11 to 18/11
  • Qualifiers for MDL Minors: NAmerica 14/11 - SEA 15/11   
  • Qualifier for Captains Draft Minor: China 14/11 -  Europe 14/11


The Tweet News:

  • This weekend the organizers of Captains Draft and MDL went into a soft clash over Twitter. The cause of the dispute was the participation of HellRasiers and ‘Mid or Feed’ in both tournaments at the same time, therefore unable to attend the game in Captains Draft. SunsFan, the organizer of CD was not happy about that decision. It finally all got fixed with the two teams playing a Bo1 with the winner losing next game by forfeit (thus being relegated to the LB finals directly). With the increase of pro competitions, scheduling will become a familiar issue and tight management a must have for all stakeholders.