Looking Forward

Thu 26th Jan 2017 - 8:55pm General

Ocean Esports is Flowing!

It’s been a while since we posted, too long to be honest, but we’ve been busy. Behind the scenes we’ve been finding new players and teams, looking for partnerships, tournaments to compete in, and experimenting with tons of ideas - if only we had more time to do all the crazy things we think could contribute to the esports world. Of course we’ve also been playing tons of different games, but In this post we just want to give a quick overview of some of the biggest things to come, and a few of the things that have happened in recent times.

Player Jerseys!

We mentioned these were in the works and well, the Ocean Esports Jerseys arrived a while ago! A review will be available soon and we can already say they’re really great, they’re awesome, really. We really appreciate to Iconic Esports and Esportsclothing for helping us to make these a reality!


The Games


Our Dota gentlemen had a tough second season in the second Division of the Dutch Dota League. They fought hard against much more experienced opponents and never gave up, but sadly were not able to stay in Division two. They’ve already started duking it out in Division three and although on a slightly slow start have made a promising show to begin with. Stay tuned everyone and good luck Gents! We’ll be making sure to make post-game recaps and you can find many of their games VoDs on our youtube page.


We’re close to unveiling a CS:GO team that is joining the Ocean Esports community. They’re from Hungary, and our CS:GO Manager Yordan Hitchev has been hard at work making sure things go smoothly. We’re extremely excited about the skills these young men have, as they’re competing at the highest level in Hungary. Get ready for some really high level CS:GO!


An extremely positive recent encounter with the Dutch Hearthstone community has spurred our decision to get involved with them. This community is vibrant, they sport some extremely talented players, and generally extremely positive. We're looking forward to branching in this Esport, and are looking to expand our team further. Please contact us at if you think you have what it takes!

Supersmash Bros

Check out Silent|Water’s Instagram, he’s a passionate Supersmash Bros player in the Netherlands who we’re also extremely excited about. He loves playing Peach, and has been in the top 100 players of the Dutch Scene. He is also the first player to represent Ocean Esports at the Amsterdam Arena, a milestone for Ocean, and a great experience for Silent|Water!


We all want to make the world a better place, and even though we’re a tiny organization, at Ocean Esports we decided to find charities that we felt we could stand behind and contribute to. The two causes all of those who play for Ocean Esports will be representing are and RighttoPlay. We believe these are organizations which we can and are passionate to represent, they represent global issues applicable to all - irrespective even of species. These two organizations deserve an article of their own, in which we’ll explain just how we hope to aid these causes.

An Ocean of Knowledge

As part of our efforts to help players improve in whichever games they aspire to greatness in, we’ve started putting together a knowledge base of all the best improvement videos we have found and used in the past. It currently showcases improvement content related only to dota, but as we expand in games the repository will grow too. So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for game related improvement content, head on over to our youtube channel.

Stay tuned!