Ocean Esports Jerseys

Sun 29th Jan 2017 - 9:50pm General

Thanks to Iconic Esports and Esportsclothing we've been able to create some amazing jerseys for Ocean. We've secretly already had them for a while, and have already heard positive things not just from the players, but also people who have seen the jerseys from afar. So in this post we just want to give a bit of attention to the jerseys we'll be sporting, which we've been extremely fortunate to create. 

Overall the material of the shirts have been found to be extremely comfortable, and below we have a few shots of our team members showing the shirts off for the whole world to see. Enjoy!



We hope to see these jerseys all over the world; first stops will be Hungary and Sweden!


If you'd like your very own exemplar or want to have your logo visible on these shirts at e-sports events we attend, please e-mail for more information about pricing and delivery, we'll be happy to help!