Rocket League Team Announcement

Sat 20th Jan 2018 - 10:40am General Gaming

Ocean Esports is proud to announce the addition of a new section to the club! We would like to introduce to you our new Rocket League team! A new game, a new community! We are very enthusiastic and excited to expand towards this rapidly growing esport, and hope to provide even more opportunities for gamers around the world. This team features four young Dutch and Belgian players competing at the Grand Champions level, which is the highest level in the game: ImpacT - Ibrahim, MadMan - Nassim, Pain - Yassine, and Jaffieboy - Jafar.  This group of friends formed a team about three years ago and have been training on a regular basis since then. They have agreed to join Ocean Esports and represent the organization during online and offline tournaments. We want to give them a warm welcome and wish them a successful esports career!

The team has been participating in many online tournaments and have already proven that they are as serious an opponent as any other high level Rocket League team. They have already won several online competitions and recently participated in an offline tournament powered by ‘Omen by Hp’ at the Game Mania shop in Antwerp, Belgium. During this tournament they had the chance to play face to face against Get Gaming Academy and successfully won their game 4-2. Here are a couple of pictures of the event, and the entire photo album can be found by following this link.

From left to right:Pain, ImpacT, MadMan.     Ocean Esports on the left and Get Gaming Academy on the right.




If you are interested in joining Ocean Esports Rocket League, feel free to contact us at for more information. We are also looking for other organized teams to train and scrim against, so if you are interested please contact us on the same email address.


Good luck to our new team and game on!